About : Andrew's Trading Company Limited

Andrew's Trading Company Limited started as a sole proprietary business owned by Mr. Tyrone Mahabir in 1989, at that time it traded gold jewelry, cosmetic jewelry and later Toshiba batteries. From the batteries a good relationship developed between the company and retailers in the electronic business and catalyzes the growth of Andrew's Trading into a major electronic wholesaler. Since then Andrew's Trading has become  a Company Limited and opened a division called Hello Communications Company Limited .

Our aims and objectives has always been to grow a strong business were both employers and employee can have pride in. In our few years of business a lot has been achieved , our products has improved, our service is improving all the time and we have become respected here and abroad as a honest and safe company to do business with.

Andrew's Trading Office Location :

Our head office is located at 21 Marli Street ,Port of Spain, Trinidad.


Andrew's Trading Objectives are:

• Keeping customers satisfied and building meaningful relationships
• Ensuring the growth of the company and its employees through sustained profitability
• Giving service and support to the surrounding community when possible.



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